Friday, December 14, 2012


You know, I promised myself that I wouldn't forget about my blog once my rainbow arrived, but WOW!  I'm finding it so difficult to find time to write.  Hopefully I can get a few lines in before the J-man wakes up.

12/12/12 marked his 5 month birthday.  So hard to believes he's 5 months old already!  Time needs to slow down....We started solids around 4 months, which he LOVES!  He still hasn't rolled from belly to back, but, honestly he hates being on his back so I'm not surprised.  He would much rather sit up.  He loves his bumbo, or his swing and even his high chair...anything that helps him see what's going on.

No teeth yet, but boy is he grumpy some days...I just wish they would break through already, the drool is crazy!

At his 4 month check up (which was actually closer to his 5 month mark) he weighed 16lbs 4oz and was 26 1/4 inches.  He's dropped a bit in percentile for his weight, but he continues to be well into the 90's for his length.  Gonna be tall like his daddy!

Anyway, I better finish up for now.  Here's a few pics of my sweet boy, including a few from his 3 month photo shoot.

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