Monday, April 30, 2012

Update on "Squirmet"

I know I promised an update sooner, but things have been crazy around here.  We've travelled to Baltimore more times than I care to remember in the past 2 weeks and will travel there at least once more this week.  But it will all be worth it in the end.

First of all, in case you can't tell from the title, baby boy has a new nickname.  Daddy thought it up after listening to him squirm while on the fetal monitors.  He's always been known as Froggy Pie (looooooong story, but Addie's nickname was Maggie Pie so it makes sense in a way), but he was so squirmy that P decided to start calling him Squirmy or Squirmet (like Kermie or Kermit).  So, for now, until he is born, he will be known as Squirmy.  And, trust me when I say he lives up to that name.

So far, we've have 2 IUTs (intrauterine blood transfusions) and the 3rd is scheduled for this Friday.  He seems to tolerate the procedures well.  The last transfusion he had to be sedated because he was trying to "help" the doctors.  He is extremely active, and in such confined spaces, he makes it very difficult to get the needle into the umbilical cord.  So, Squirmy has had his first shot and hasn't even been born yet.

Each IUT takes approximately 2 hours.  Depending on how easily the doctors can get and stay in the cord, it could take less time.  But, considering he likes to kick and pull on his cord, it has been difficult.  After the transfusion, I am monitored for contractions and, if he has been sedated, I have to stay in the hospital until he beings to wake up from sedation.  He's only been sedated once, but I'm sure it will happen again.  I did have contractions after the second transfusion but I think that was mainly from being dehydrated.  IV fluids stopped them, thankfully.

I have to's scary as hell knowing a needle is going in to my tummy, but it's so interesting to watch.  There's 2 doctors in the OR, one is guiding the other with an ultrasound machine.  I'm lucky enough to be able to see the screen and see everything they are doing.  Plus, I can't help but giggle when I see a little hand or foot float by.  I know it frustrates the doctors but they have a good sense of humor about it. 

Anyway, we went for a check up today, his blood levels have dropped a bit, but not so bad that an immediate transfusion was needed.  He will get some more blood on Friday.  So far it's going well.  I'm just hoping we can keep it up for the next 8-9 weeks. 

Here's some of the most recent u/s pics:

One of my first 3D pics...I'm sucking on my fingers

Still love waving to the camera

Profile at 25 weeks, sucking on my fingers

Yup, still a boy!

Smiling for the camera (26 weeks)


Tiffany said...

I didn't even know they could do this kind of thing in-utero! By thank goodness they can! I'm glad things are going smoothly and that its been working! Thank you for updating- I've been wondering about you guys!! I hope he stays in for 9 more weeks!

Melissa said...

So glad things are still going well. It must be extremely stressful. I'll keep you and Squirmet in my prayers for sure!

DandelionBreeze said...

I've been thinking of you often and so glad to hear your transfusions are going ok... love to you both xo

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