Friday, July 12, 2013

A birthday celebration 3 years in the making...

Well, today's the day.  It's your first birthday kiddo.  This time last year, the anesthesiologist was trying to get my spinal block to work for the second time (it's 9:26am as I'm writing this but probably won't post until later because I have to add pictures).  You were born at 9:47am after 36 looooooooong weeks of worry and waiting.

I've had a hard time with your birthday.  Not only are you growing so fast, but also I wasn't sure how to act.  I guess I didn't know a first birthday should be a happy occasion.  I mean, I DO know, but for my kids it wasn't.  At least not until now.

I love you more than you will ever know.  It doesn't seem right that I'm this happy, but I am.  Though I will always miss your sister, you bring me the joy I had always imagined with her.

Happy first birthday Joshua!


Ashley Quarles said...

Happy belated birthday Joshua!

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