Sunday, April 3, 2011

Generosity and a new winner

     I am still amazed by the generosity of this community.  As you know, I did a giveaway and announced the winners on Friday.  One of the winners, New Year Mum, insisted I draw again.  She did not want me to spend the money on shipping the statue to Australia.  She has twice asked me to draw again and I finally decided to do it.  I used the same method (numbers in a hat) and, lo and behold, guess who's number came out of the hat again.  Yes, New Year Mum, your number came up again.  But, I had a feeling you would ask me to do it again, so I did. 

     The newest winner of the Angel of Freedom is RaquelRaquel, I will be sending you the statue tomorrow.  Congratulations to you all.  Thank you so much to New Year Mum.  You're generosity and thoughtfulness is wonderful.  I do wish, however that you would have allowed me to ship it to you.  It seems to me you were meant to have it.  But I appreciate it all the same!  I am so grateful to have met all of you, even if it is because we have all suffered the worst loss imaginable.


Natasha said...

What a sweet sweet mama!

Raquel said...

Wow!! Thank you New Year Mum!! I really wish you would have accepted it, now when I look at it I will think of both you and Mary. Which is a wonderful thing because both of you are amazing. Thank you Mary!! I am excited to have won.

DandelionBreeze said...

So glad you were drawn Raquel... Mary you're so sweet to think of sending it all this way, but I don't want a penny of your money wasted that can go towards your gorgeous boxes and teddies :)) Lovely to have met you all and it's brought me so much comfort to share this journey with you. Love always xoxo

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