Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Illuminate...my first post

     So, I've been working hard on my Illuminate class.  Working so hard that I've been ignoring all of my other blog friends.  Sorry everyone!  I've been trying to read all the posts, but its just not working.  I wanted to share the first week's assignment with everyone.  Also, Beryl is setting up another session for Illuminate.  I think all BLM's would enjoy it.  Check out her site, Be Young Photography, for more information.
   Here is the link to the first assignment.  I'm pretty proud of it.  It was a tough thing to do, very emotional, but I'm glad I'm taking part in this class.  I really think it will help me through the healing process.


***Late edit***
I meant to post this earlier!  If anyone took part in Angie's "Right Where I Am" project, check this post out.  Josh did an awesome job on this!  It is gorgeous!


Deanna said...

wonderful letter and beautiful pictures.
I am so happy to hear this class is going so well. Beryl kindly donated a spot in her next class for my online auction. I am happy to know she will be offering someone much hope.

Happy walker said...

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DandelionBreeze said...

Sorry that I've been so long in commenting... such a beautiful letter. Hope you are doing OK and love to you always xoxo

Julie Soul said...

What an absolutely wonderful idea in aiding with the healing process. I hope it continues to bring you a sense of peace, something that we rarely find in our new normal.

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