Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Path of Illumination

     I've been a bad blog friend, I'm sorry.  I haven't been in the greatest of places lately.  I'm struggling with a lot of anger and emotions and I just haven't felt like writing or even reading anything.  I hope everyone is doing well, though. 
    I've gotten some wonderful things in the mail lately.  First off, I was a winner in a blog giveaway.  The beautiful Raquel, Jeremiah and Matthew's momma, sent me a gorgeous butterfly necklace as a prize.  Thank you so much Raquel, its beautiful!  Secondly, I've ordered the rest of the blankets and hats for the memory boxes, and have received the blankets.  I can't believe, in less than 2 months, we'll be celebrating her first birthday.  Lastly, are the email requests I've received for Birth Certificates.  I'm flattered beyond all belief.  I am willing to share the gorgeous certificates that Fran designed.  Just click here to read more about them.
   Last but not least, I wanted to announce the start of a new blog.  I signed up for an online photography class called Illuminate.  The class is taught by Beryl Young, from Be Young Photography.  She is a fellow baby loss momma and has designed this course specifically for blms as a way to help the healing process by using photography and journaling.  Our first assignment starts tomorrow.  I am SO looking forward to this class.  So, if you have time, I encourage you to check out this new blog and follow me as I begin this new path.  Here is the link:


Raquel said...

So glad you liked the necklace! Hugs!

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