Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy First Birthday, Savanna & Happy Second Birthday, Carleigh

   I want to send many hugs out to Tabatha today.  Tabatha is mom to Savanna and today is her first birthday.  Savanna passed away just 4 months ago.  Even though I know I will be facing a first birthday in 5 short months, I have a hard time imagining what moms like Tabatha go through.  They've had time to bond with their children, time to see them laugh and grow, time to see so much potential, only to have that potential taken away so suddenly.  It's just not right.  Tabatha is an extremely strong woman, she's has been very supportive of me, as she has of many BLMs.

     I also want to send out hugs to Carleigh's mom, Holly.  This is Carleigh's second birthday away from her parents.  A celebration of a little girl's life...a little girl who should be here with her parents, yet she is not.  Happy birthday sweet Carleigh.

     Tabatha and Holly, I hope today is as easy as it can be on you. I know it must be difficult, I can't even wrap my head around how you must be feeling. Just know I am thinking about you, sending you love, hugs and strength. Stay in bed all day if you have what is best for you and if you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask.


Tiffany said...

I'm sorry you had a tough week last week... Here's hoping for a better week!

DandelionBreeze said...

Thinking of Tabatha and Holly with all my heart this week.... they are both so brave and amazing mums to their little angels xoxo

Tabatha said...

My sweet friend.. as I read all the posts of those lifting us up with love, hugs and prayer. Thank you so much for your continued support. I know we have never 'met' but I feel a connection with you more then with people I have known my whole life. I know our girls were having a blast at Savanna and Carleigh's party. Thinking of you always xxoo

Unknown said...

Thanks so much xoxo

I've been MIA in the blogging world aside from a few posts I've managed to sneak in so im just seeing this now. The SGM auction im hosting has been keeping me very busy along w/ my other girls.

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