Thursday, January 27, 2011

5 months

     Today marks 5 months since we said goodbye.  Surprisingly, I'm not as tremendously sad as I have been on her past birthdays.  I wonder what that means.  Of course I still miss her, nothing will ever take that away, but I'm not so sad that I can't function. Maybe this means I am really healing...maybe this means I AM in a healthy place...maybe this means I AM ready for another child.  I hope so!

     Addie, I miss you more than you can imagine.  Your little feet left such an impression on my heart.  On all of our hearts.  Your family loves you everyday.

     I've lit a candle for you today.  Happy 5 month birthday little one!


Unknown said...

As time passes it does get easier to deal with but there are still hard moments.


Hannah Rose said...

So sorry for your loss! Addison is precious. A friend in my infant loss support group lost their baby girl, Addison Margaret, in September 2009. She was also born still fullterm. It's so hard to come across blogs of moms that have so recently endured this tragic loss. I never thought I'd be one of them either. Much love, Hannah Rose

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