Monday, January 31, 2011

Doing good in her name

     I keep reading about how so many baby loss mommas are doing good in the name of their children.  It makes my heart ache because I want to do something too.  Franchesca, the woman who designed my blog and made Addie's memory box, is collecting blank journals.  She blogged about it here and I'm going to send her some.  But I feel like it's not enough.  I've been wanting to find a way of donating something other than money to the hospital where she was born, to help other families like ours.  I keep coming back to memory boxes.  The one I got while at the hospital was great...but I think families might enjoy a little more.  So, I'm calling out to all of my friends and family and my blog friends.  Any ideas on would be helpful.  I'm looking for a place to get hand or footprint kits, nice cardstock for the footprints, and any other suggestions.  I still haven't found boxes the right size yet, but they are going to be hand decorated and all in different patterns. I do have some things I am pretty sure I want to finding Certificates of Life that parents can have, maybe some candles,  maybe talk to Carly from To Write Their Names in the Sand and see if she'll provide me with gift certificates for a sunset name pic and some others.  I hope I can get this together.  I would love to be able to do some good in her name.

     Please consider helping out with Jenna's Journal Drive.  Franchesca has come up with a wonderful idea and I would love to see her reach her goal!  Just click on the link above or the button below for more information.


Unknown said...

It def feels good to do good in their name! I think the memory boxes are a great idea.

Missy said...

I like the memory box idea too. I got a journal but was like, what am I supposed to do with this? I've never been a journal writer and don't have the patience to write with a pen/pencil any more. I received a bag from a local stillbirth org and it has bears from the missingangel foundation in them and I really like those (but I would imagine they are expensive). I also like the pins that came in it. There was one for mom and one for dad. Well the dad one is a penny with a heart cut out and a purple ribbon through it. Dad's are supposed to keep them in their pocket with their change so they are reminded when they pull them out. I think everything is geared toward the mom so I really liked that small token. I think you can get the foot/hand kits at places like Micheal's and Hobby Lobby. Sorry trying to remember what all was in my boxes / kits. Hope this is somewhat helpful.

Melissa said...

I'm in the brainstorming process for doing the exact same things so if I run across things as I do my planning I'll let you know. Any great ideas you come across feel free to share them with me at melissamterrill @ gmail

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