Saturday, November 20, 2010

And life goes on....

Yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought.  Yeah it was rough, but I knew it would be.  Turning 31 isn't so bad when you have a wonderful husband and great family and friends.  My FaceBook page was filled with birthday wishes, and I had a beautiful dinner waiting on me when I got home from work, courtesy of my wonderful husband.  Yesterday truly marks a new chapter in my life. Not only did I turn 31, but I also left my job after 6 years.  I will start fresh on Monday.  My life has been full of changes lately.  Most are good I think.  I guess losing my little girl has made me rethink my life.  Its time for me to slow down, to shake things up, to be what I am truly meant to be.  Or at least try to.  I know things happen for a reason and this new job is a brand new opportunity for me.  A wonderful, unique opportunity for me to be normal, to work a normal schedule, to be less stressed out. Most importantly, to just enjoy my life.  Its going to be hard to enjoy life without my daughter, but I know she's out there somewhere, watching over us and that helps.  I hope she is happy.  I hope she knows that she is loved and, although we may have other children, she will always be our first born.  Change is good.  I honestly believe that...I just hope its true.


Missy said...

I hope so too. I'm glad that your birthday wasn't so bad. Cheers to many more!

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