Thursday, November 25, 2010

Missing my heart, but still thankful...

Dear Addie,
   Today should have been your first Thanksgiving.  Trust me when I say you were missed by everyone...especially me.  I wanted you for so long.  I'm still thankful though for the time I had with you.  Those 39 weeks were the best of my life.  I just wish I had more time with you.  But, I'm still thankful. 
   I'm also thankful for your father.  He is the reason I able to live without you.  He is so supportive and loving.  I wish you were here to see it for yourself.  And to meet the rest of your family.  Everyone is wonderful.  You are so loved...I hope you can feel it, wherever you are. 
    Happy Thanksgiving, butterfly.  Missing you always.
Love, Mommy


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