Sunday, December 26, 2010

And to all a good night...

     Well, it's done.  Christmas has come and gone and I'm glad.  I only had one real meltdown, and that was before anyone was around.  Some tears were shed when I opened a special present my SIL Joann made, but they were tears of a happy-sad nature.  She made an ornament for Addie, then made matching ones for my mom and aunt.  They truly are beautiful.

     The first picture is me opening the ornament.  The second pic is the front of the handmade ornament.  The last pic is the ornament made for my mother.  My SIL is so talented.  I love the ornament more than I can even explain.  It is and always will be my favorite.  It is just perfect.  There were so many butterfly themed presents this year, and all were appreciated.  Addie will always be my little butterfly.

     It was nice to know that she won't be forgotten.  Not that I thought my family would ever forget her, but I wondered.  I thought maybe they would be too hesitant to say or do anything to honor Addie,  for fear it might hurt me, but they weren't.  Both sides made sure to acknowledge her existence and I think that's what meant the most to me.  My in laws have always displayed everyone's stockings, and, this year, there was a tiny purple one, the newest one of the bunch.  I nearly cried, it made me so happy.  The ornament, the jewelry, the butterflies...all are so beautiful.  I will cherish them just as much as I will cherish my daughter.

     On a different note, although I said I didn't want anything for Christmas, I received many presents, mostly for my DSLR camera.  I love taking pictures, it has become a my favorite pastime.  I recently hinted that I wanted an external flash for my camera, something that would help with the quality of the pictures.  Well, my husband surprised me with the exact one I had been looking for and I love it.  I've already had a lot of fun with it.

     These are 2 pictures I took with the new flash.  Jazz is a border collie-aussie shepherd mix and is a great subject for photographs.  We've had him for just over a year now and he has proven himself to be a wonderful companion.  He always greets us with enthusiasm, but knows when to be calm.  I still remember the day I came home from the hospital after having Addie.  I had a C-section, so I was still very sore.  Even though he hadn't seen me for several days (which normally would warrant being nearly knocked down and licked all over by him), he knew right away something was up.  He was very subdued and kept all 4 paws on the ground.  He's too smart for his own good.

     For all the other BLMs and BLDs out there, I hope your holiday was as good as it could be.  I know this season isn't easy, but I hope that you all find some peace and solace in the holiday.  Best wishes to everyone for a happier new year!

     For my daughter:

Dear Addison,
     Your presence was definitely missed at Christmas.  I can't tell you just how hard it was to be with
our family but not have you there.  But I survived...we survived.  Thank God for our family.  They love
and miss you just as much as I do.  They are so wonderful, so amazing.  I am and always will be forever
grateful to have them in my life.  You will never be forgotten, not if I have anything to say about it.  Merry
Christmas to you, little butterfly.  May you always enjoy your time in the stars.  A candle always burns for you...forever in my heart.
Love Always,


Missy said...

Beautiful, and never forgotten. Much love!

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