Thursday, December 23, 2010

Had to share

There are so many poems for baby loss mommas out there, but very few for dads.  I was surprised to find this one, but it is so appropriate.  I wanted to share it with everyone.

A christmas present for Dad....

A gift for you on christmas Day,
What on earth could it be?
I know the gift you really want,
......Is to once again, have me.
Or perhaps the gift of understanding,
To make sense of a senseless loss.
I'm sorry, my dearest Daddy,
But for those gifts, you must talk to the boss.
The gifts that I can give today,
Are memories, both sad and sweet.
From the touch of your hand on Mummy's tummy,
To my tiny little feet.
Remember the joy you felt inside,
When you found out you would be my Daddy?
The great big smiles upon your face,
You were over the moon, you were so happy.
Remember when you felt me move,
The wonder and love you'd feel?
Remember it today Daddy,
It just might help you heal.
Remember the little cuddles we had,
And the moments that we shared.
Remember my little nose,
And the colour of my hair,
I love you dearest Daddy, you know that this is true.
Just keep your memories of me alive,
And I will always live in you.


Melissa said...

So cute! I'm totally crying, but I'm for sure going to print that out for my husband to put in his stocking. Thanks for sharing!

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